Wrist Tattoos

Wrist Tattoo Ideas For You

Are you thinking about getting a wrist tattoo? If so, there are many options you can choose from for your personalized wrist tattoo:

1) One idea is to choose your favorite flower and style of vine. You can see if the tattoo shop has the wrist tattoo design you are looking for. Other options are to check on the internet at photos.

2) Do you have a favorite bracelet you just cannot seem to part with? Why not take the bracelet to a tattoo artist and have him/her recreate it for you. This is an excellent way to always have your favorite bracelet near and dear to you.

3) Hearts with lacy lines between. This is a very pretty wrist tattoo. Next purchase a gold or silver bracelet that has two sleek lines. Each of the gold or silver bracelet lines will go above the tattoo and below the tattoo somewhat framing it. The bracelet really dresses up your tattoo and shows it off. Gorgeous.

4) It would be lovely to have a wrap around bracelet type of wrist tattoo with your children’s initials inside. Or you could discuss with your tattoo artist if they can write your children’s names small enough and classy enough on your wrist. Forget the mother’s ring and enjoy a mother’s bracelet that will never leave you.

5) Have a small cross or symbol of your choice tattooed on your wrist. You and your significant other can bond together by making a commitment with the same tattoo on your bodies. Show each other how much you love and care about each other. Let the world see your committed love.

Before getting a wrist tattoo you may want to try a Henna tattoo. This way you can test drive it per se before committing to it. Wrist tattoos are highly visible so you may want to try this to make sure this is the area of your body you want a tattoo.

Let your imagination be your guide to choosing a wrist tattoo. Show off your personal style.