Virgo Tattoos


Virgo's are born from the month and date of August 23rd to September 22nd.  Virgo’s tend to want to help to make things greater for better life. They want to help others for the good of humanity. Are you a Virgo? If so, then the Virgo tattoo is a wise choice for you.

A dainty fairy with long tresses and gorgeously colored wings and a banner underneath her that says “Virgo” is a beautiful choice. You can also choose a handsome male figure with a banner and have Virgo printed on your body.

Another choice for an armband, wrist tattoo, back tattoo, or ankle tattoo would be one that laces circularly around your extremity and the word Virgo in a small red heart. Or the symbol of Virgo placed in the small red heart.

If your girlfriend or boyfriend is a Virgo you can have a woman or man’s head and neck tattooed on your body. The figure can have an oval necklace on with the word Virgo or symbol printed on it. An awesome idea is to have your significant other’s face drawn right onto your body. What points you will score with the love of your life.

Do you like butterflies? Have a group of butterflies or a single beautiful butterfly tattooed onto your body and make the symbol of Virgo the middle of a flower the butterfly is looking at.

Do you want something a little more tough? How about a snake wrapped around the Virgo symbol. Or a fire breathing dragon with the word Virgo on the fire. A skull with the Virgo sign on it would be hard looking, too.

A bright looking sun or a mysterious moon with Virgo written over it would look fantastic on your body.

If you are not looking for a picture of a Virgo or the word Virgo you can go with the Virgo symbol for something short and simple. The symbol comes in many types of fonts or inks. Have something that looks modern, or faded, or painted. You choose what fits your sense of style and personality.

Let the world know you are a wonderful and virtuous Virgo by getting your tattoo with your sign on.