Skull Tattoos


There are many skull tattoo options available. You can find the popular Jolly Roger skull tattoo with the well-known cross bones.

Bikers, musicians, and teens seem to be drawn to the skull tattoo. There are a variety of ways to get your skull tattoo. For instance, you can have a snake crawling through the skull. The snake with a skull stands for immortality and knowledge.

For a less harsh look one can add flowers to their skull. Choose your favorite type of flower or choose a pre-existing design available by your tattoo artist. You will be adding brilliant color to your tattoo by adding flowers. You may even want to add a ribbon tying the flowers so you can add a name or words to your tattoo. Your tattoo will become much more personalized with this option.

Skull tattoos with the look of fire flames around the skull or above the skull is a colorful style. This is notoriously known as a biker’s symbol of choice. Another idea would be to put names inside of the flames of your significant other and children. Or mother and father.

Some people choose to go with the southwestern skull look. Perhaps a bull skull or a cow skull will decorate your body. Add a cactus and some feathers and you are good to go. Maybe you have a lizard as a pet and would like to add the lizard into the scenery. You can have your pet lizard’s name put on the tail.

Swords and skulls intermix well for a powerful statement. You can have your favorite hard rock band’s name tattooed underneath.

If you are really into skull tattoos you could have a group of skulls tattooed on your arm. Leave them as they are or add some color to it. Snakes, blood, fire, swords as mentioned above can be added to your skulls.

Skull tattoos are very popular. Add a little personal touch to make your skull tattoo unique.