Rose Tattoos

Divine Rose Tattoos

The rose is many people’s flower of choice. It is elegant and classy. The rose tattoo is a popular  choice for many people.  There are so many ways a rose tattoo can be artfully placed on your body.

If you choose to get a rose tattoo how about getting some small butterflies around the rose with your children’s names or initials inside. You will have a one-of-a-kind tattoo.

A single long-stemmed rose looks sleek and sophisticate on your body. You are a classy woman and you will confirm it with your rose tattoo.

You do not have to go with the traditional red rose. Choose your favorite yellow rose, peach rose, or blue for that matter. Go big and have a full bouquet of roses tattooed on your body.

Maybe a scorned lover will choose to get a lush rose tattooed on their body with a sharp knife dripping blood showing how much pain they are going through. A remembrance of the love that unfortunately had to be let go. A reminder to one self to be careful on who they give their heart to.

One could easily get a few roses of the same color or multicolored with a banner going through and personalize it however they so choose.  A red rose with a light blue banner slowly turning into a light pink banner for a father of two. Your son’s name can go in the blue area of the banner and your daughter’s name in the pink area of the banner.

Add a heart or two to your single rose. Again, names can be added inside of the hearts. Or perhaps you want a snake creeping between the rose and two hearts.

A black and white rose is sharp and different. Add the touch of a knife coming out or a skull and you have a tough looking tattoo if that is the look you are going for.

Proud of the state you are from? You can get the shape of your state tattooed on your arm or wherever you so choose with a vibrant rose on top of the state.

Add a touch of a spider web to your rose for a little something different. This can be done skillfully and very appealing to the eye.

Men will even add roses to their skull tattoos or Mother and Father banner tattoos. Roses bring out vibrant colors to your tattoo and add dimension and charm.