Mexican Tattoos

Whether you are Mexican by blood, or wish to show your connection to this great culture, Mexican tattoos offer you the opportunity to express it. 

One of the best things about Mexican tattoos is that there are so many different styles readily available, you can easily find the one that truly means something special to you.

One example is the Virgen de Guadalupe tattoo.  For anyone who has Mexican roots, or a connection to those who do, this design is amongst the most well-known and loved.  The historical and religious symbolism is at its finest in this design. 

Aztec art also finds its way into many Mexican tattoos.  The ancient traditions can be brought into the present day when you proudly display one of these designs.  Winged warriors, the sun, and designs connected to the ancient Aztec gods are amongst some of the most popular. 

Lowrider designs are also very popular.  Although these have been a part of the lifestyle for Mexicans and Chicanos for generations, they have recently started to gain widespread appeal amongst Americans of all races and backgrounds. 

The lettering of many Mexican tattoos is unique and beautiful.  Even if you have a different kind of tattoo altogether, or only want wording to stand alone, this lettering is an extra-special way to express whatever you wish to say.  It is perfect for a tattoo which memorializes someone, or to state your loved one's name in body art.

If you are looking for a Mexican tattoo that is mainly artistic in nature, skulls, crosses, and roses are amongst the most popular.  Whether the design holds any special meaning to you or not, the colorful designs and the skill that goes into the artwork make them a truly beautiful form of body art.

Whichever style touches your heart, a Mexican tattoo is the perfect way to express it.