Lower Back Tattoos

Lower back tattoos have become very popular within the last couple years.  These types of tattoos are especially popular with women.  Women are getting more tattoos these days and the lower back tattoo is one of the more desired tattoos for women.  Over half the women who get tattoos choose to have them put on their lower back.  The lower back tattoo is a very sensual type of tattoo because of where it is located.  The lower back where this tattoo is located on the body can help to show off a woman’s curves.  Putting a tattoo in this location on the body has some important advantages.  A lower back Tattoo seems to last longer and hold its color better than other tattoos on the body.  There is less stretching in this area if there is weight gain reducing distortion of the tattoo.

Another advantage of a lower back tattoo is the way they look.  Wearing the right shirt can help to reveal the tattoo for people to see or if you choose you can hide it away by wearing another type of shirt.  So having it in this location on your body can have its advantages.  When a tattoo is in a place on the body that can be displayed or hidden, you can be better flexible with it.  This type of tattoo can also show off your curves.  A lower back tattoo can be of many interesting designs to make your body more attractive.

There is a wide variety of designs for a lower back tattoo.  Some people prefer floral tattoos for their interesting lines, Celtic tattoos or even tribal tattoos.  Although just about any design with the right shape can be used on your lower back region.  You can choose from all types of designs to fit your personality.  A lower back tattoo can be in a tender region of your body and may have some discomfort when getting one, but this does not take away from their popularity.  Men are more likely to have tattoos put on other parts of their body while women prefer the lower back tattoos.  These types of tattoos are accepted all over these days although some people still think they are of low morals.  Where you decide to have a tattoo on your body is totally up to you.  However, for women the lower back tattoos are very popular these days.