Love Tattoos


For a choice of a love tattoo you can go with a traditional heart tattoo. Or two hearts with you and your honey’s name tattooed on your body. There are many ways to make the shape of a heart tattoo also. For instance if you like dragonflies you can have them colorfully in the shape of a heart. Possibly have them both dangle one heart in the middle coming from their mouths. That would look perfect and look like two souls being one. A perfect love tattoo.

Two cats in the shape of a heart is another choice if you favor cats. Dolphins entwined to make the shape of a heart. Any possibility is at your fingertips.

Other ways to make the shape of a heart is two iridescent dragons with sharp backs for an interesting look.

You also can go for Chinese or other language written the word “love” or other love meanings. Possibly have your name and your significant others name in another language. Just think if you break up no one will know what it says.

A pretty angel or fairy with a banner across and two lovebirds names inscribed. Or you can show mom or dad how much you love them with “mother” or “father” gorgeously written on the banner. If you just love the thought of love and being in love you can even have the word printed in a fancy font on your body.

Choose your favorite flowers and a heart with a banner and the love names inside. A very beautiful choice.

Show what a flaming love you have with a heart that looks as if it is on fire. Let everyone know you are in love with the most special person in the world by placing their name in the center of the heart.

Show your love of God and your faith with a Celtic cross tattoo.

Maybe you had your heart broken after getting two heart tattoos. You could add a knife going through the heart to show your feelings. Or cover it up with a heart that has a little black inside wiping out the name of the one who broke your heart.

Do you love music? Perhaps you could get a black musical note with a bright red heart next to it. Or any item that is your hobby you could add that icon with a heart to show off your personality.

Love tattoos are an excellent choice to go with when getting a tattoo.