Irish Tattoos

So you are Irish and proud of it and want to show off your heritage. Well, then an Irish tattoo is just what you are looking for. There are many ways you can display your Irish tattoo.

Of course you can get the three leaf clover tattooed on your body. Or add a little decoration to the three leaf clover. For instance, the lucky folklore leprechaun with magical gold stars spreading good luck to everyone and especially you.

A vibrant butterfly with many colors carrying a shamrock is a cool Irish tattoo. Or make it a dragonfly, bird, eagle, etc. carrying the shamrock in flight. The shamrock is being brought to you for good luck for a lifetime.

Is Irish whiskey a drink you enjoy from time to time? Maybe Irish whiskey is your favorite beverage of choice when you indulge. Irish whiskey along with a good cigar tattooed on your body could be your decision.

A triple x whiskey jug with shamrocks coming out like a bouquet is a fun way to show off an Irish tattoo.

A bold rainbow with "I’m Irish" printed over it will show your proud heritage. Or your Irish last name printed over the rainbow or another scene.

A big mug of frothy Irish Guinness beer with your name or just the mug and a shamrock. You can even go as far as having the Guinness bottle tattooed on your arm or wherever you would like. Guinness has a few different beer bottles and types that you can choose from.

The yellow pipe the leprechaun usually has hanging out of his mouth or in his hand you can have tattooed on your body. Have a blast of gold stars shimmering and different sizes of shamrocks spouting out.

We cannot forget the good ‘ol Irish flag to don proudly. You love Ireland and let that show.

The Claddagh heart is a very popular Irish tattoo as well as the Celtic cross. The Claddagh heart consists of a crown, two hands, and a heart.

From whimsical, proud, serious to cartoon-like you can choose your Irish tattoo.