Hip Tattoos


The overall effect of hip tattoos is largely based on what you make it.  While many people tend to think of this particular location in a rather negative manner, it does not need to be negative at all.  The element of choice is quite apparent--  it is all up to you.

Having a tattoo placed on your hip can, if you wish, make it much more discreet and personal.  If you want a certain design, or wording, which is not readily visible to the public on an everyday basis, a hip tattoo is a good option. 

You may also be considering a hip tattoo for the benefit of someone special who is in your life.  When you choose this location, the tattoo itself can be something special for him or her.  In fact, it can be a nice surprise if your special someone has not been made aware in advance that you are getting it. 

Hip tattoos are also great to display when wearing the tiniest swimsuits and other styles of clothing appropriate to the hottest summer temperatures.  Whether your tattoo is very small or a larger type of design, it can be delightful during the warmest seasons.

There is virtually no limit to the styles and designs you can have for your new hip tattoo.  It is essentially up to the imagination--  and your own sense of creativity.  This fact makes sense, because the location itself makes your imagination and creativity the most important points.  It will be seen when and if you wish for it to be seen.

If you really want a tattoo on your hip, the benefits of this location far outweigh any negative connotation.  Simply select the style you like the most, and be prepared to be the one who decides when and if others can also enjoy it.