Hawaiian Tattoos


Hawaiian tattoos have been around for thousands of years. They become popular again in the 1990’s. There was even a God to pray to when a member of your territory received a tattoo. People in the community all headed to the temple and had to go and pray. Most people nowadays would not have wanted to get a tattoo back in the day. The tattoos were given by the pounding of a mallet with either a bird beak or claws as the sharp part to pound into the skin. A branch connected the bird beak and claws and then pounded with the mallet.

Hawaiian tattoos are gorgeous in nature. Huge floral arrangements. You can have the flowers placed on your back or half of your back extending over your shoulder. Or add some butterflies to your Hawaiian floral tattoo. Enjoy a Hawaiian lei permanently on your body. The Hibiscus flower is adorned by many as it is very popular. The Hibiscus is Hawaii’s state flower. Yellow is the Hibiscus state flower. The Hibiscus also comes in the colors purple, white, pink and bright red.

Another favorite Hawaiian tattoo is the orchid. It is a gorgeous flower and is endangered. This may be helping the flower become popular besides its beauty.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are very common among the Polynesians. The tattoos are more about personal identification than about body art like many people choose to get tattoos for.

Lizards, tropical flowers as mentioned above, dolphins, sea turtles, and arrows are the most popular Hawaiian tattoos. I’m sure you have seen the Hawaiian girl dancing as a tattoo, too.

A Hawaiian armband tattoo is a wonderful way for the islanders to show off their heritage. The armband is quite thick and very tastefully done. If you are looking for an armband please check out the Hawaiian armband tattoo as it may be just the design you are looking for. This style is becoming more and more popular with people.

Always find a competent tattoo artist to make sure you get the tattoo design and style you are looking for.