Guitar Tattoos

Maybe you are a rocker. Maybe you wish you were a rocker or are a rocker in the making. You may just love the look of a guitar. Whatever your reason for wanting a guitar tattoo you can choose with ease. There are many stylish guitars in today’s world, that will be your most difficult decision; choosing which guitar to have tattooed on your body.

You can get a flaming electric guitar to show you know how to rock. Place your favorite rock band’s name underneath the guitar.

Your favorite rocker can be tattooed on your arm feverishly playing his or her guitar to the bitter end. An example is Jimmy Hendrix playing his guitar with his teeth and sparks flying everywhere from his radical playing.

Are you an extremely dedicated fan to one band? Have the band’s name tattooed on your upper back. Then have the tattoo artist use a cool font to write your favorite song titles down. Or cities and dates you saw your favorite band. Add a guitar in the mix.

Love a certain type of animal and guitars? You can have a guitar tattooed onto your body and the pattern of the animal’s fur as the color of the guitar.

If you are unable to choose which type of guitar to have tattooed onto your body, have a few different guitar’s tattooed as an armband. Use a variety of colors that mesh well together. Your tattoo artist can draw it out for you before permanently placing it on your skin. Make sure you like the style.

If you are a guitar player, choose your favorite guitar and place your name or your band’s name inside of the guitar tattoo. Memories to last you a lifetime

Dueling guitars with spitfire flames shooting out for a rocking image. Or guitars in the shape of a cross. Add hands to the guitars shaped like a cross as if a proud, strong person holds these guitars

Have a guitar tattooed onto your arm and a few words from your favorite song. Or have it tattooed onto your back and the words. Maybe you are a poet. You can add your own poetry to your guitar tattoo. Personalized and clever.