Foot Tattoos

Many people think that foot tattoos are sexy.  This is just one reason that they are desired. These types of tattoos are popular because they can be shown or hidden by the individual.  Foot tattoos are more popular with women than with men.  Women like to keep their feet looking good at all times and these tattoos can give their feet decoration to make them look even better.  When choosing a tattoo on the foot you should choose a design that will look good on your foot.  Flowers work well because they can be shaped to fit around your foot.  There are many flower designs that look great as foot tattoos.  Star tattoos are also good on your feet because they can be made to be very small or can be connected with other stars if you prefer.  Some people prefer classic designs like tribal or butterflies for foot tattoos.

Foot tattoos are a very unique type of tattoo.  They dress your feet up in colorful designs and are becoming more and more popular with many people.  Teens like these kinds of tattoos with wearing sandals as often as they do.  When picking out a foot tattoo go with the designs that interest you the most.  Tattoos are permanent and you want to make sure that you get one that you can be proud to wear on your body.  Getting a tattoo on your foot can be painful so make sure when you go to get one that you can take the pain associated with it.  Most people’s feet are sensitive so it may be uncomfortable while having it done.

Just remember when you are having a foot tattoo put on that the pain will eventually go away and it is just a temporary thing that you must endure while getting the tattoo.  Your feet are very sensitive and are more prone to pain than other parts of your body when you are getting a tattoo.  Sometimes when you get a foot tattoo the skin on your foot can cause the tattoo to fade faster then it would on other body parts.  You should ask about this when you go to get a foot tattoo.  Make sure you get a good tattoo artist to do the work for you.  That way your tattoo experience will go a lot smoother.