Cowboy Tattoos

There are so many cowboy tattoos to choose from. You can go with all items that a cowboy wears for starters.

A perfect choice for a cowboy tattoo would be a pink, white, black or suede cowboy hat. On the hat have a banner with your name, one of your parents, your child or your significant other’s. They will know how much they mean to you with their name on your body for all time.

Two cowboy hats lassoed with a rope is the perfect tattoo for someone in love. You can even have the rope and hats made in the shape of a heart. Print your children’s, mother and father, your name and the love of your life name.

Cowboy boots with spurs on make a nice cowboy tattoo. Add a burst of color with a red rose.

If you are a cowboy into the southwestern look you can go with a cactus and coyote howling at the full moon.

If you want a cowboy tattoo but you are into skulls you surely can get a skull with a cowboy hat to get the best of both worlds. If you are a country musician maybe you want to add a guitar or other instrument to the tattoo. Add your band's name to the tattoo.

An American or other country flag with a cowboy hat on top of the flag (in the middle of the flag) will show your patriotic love for your country. Also, it will look dimensional. Have your country's name underneath if you so choose. Or you can have the flag of your choice in the background and a cowboy boot in front of the flag.

If you don't want to have the entire country name tattooed on you, how about the state you live in? Or the state you were born in that you are faithful to.

A shot gun with a cowboy hat on top of the barrel is a wild outlaw choice for a cowboy tattoo.

Choose your favorite cowboy of all time. It could be a real cowboy or your favorite actor in the movies. And you may want to put a cowgirl instead of a cowboy on your body.

Every cowboy needs a horse. Your cowboy or cowgirl can be riding a horse. Maybe you want the horse bucking with or without a cowboy or cowgirl.

Don’t forget your children. You can have a tattoo of your children’s faces with a cowboy hat on and their names underneath each little cowboy or cowgirl. Make your cowboy tattoo an individual choice and style.