Celtic Tattoos

The Celtic people once thrived in Ireland and originated from there. They were a warrior nation whose skills surpassed those of the Roman and Gaul armies. They some times lost and they sometimes won, but they left a mark on history that has transcended them into modern times. They were warriors that were proud of their people and they practiced Celtic tattooing or body art as a form of expression. For them, these tattoos showed their loyalty as well as promoted the clan. Celtic tattoos are becoming a popular way to make a statement again in our times. Many people also choose a Celtic tattoo for purely aesthetic reasons.

Celtic tattoos come from abook known as “The Book of Kells”. It is a display of Celtic tradition and heritage. This book is used by tattoo artist around the world. This makes Celtic tattoos the most recognizable in the tribal tattoo variety. If you are interested in getting a Celtic tattoo for whatever reason, you should seek out a tattoo artist that excels in intricacy and perfection. A tattoo of this caliber will cost you quite a bit of money, but it will be well worth it.  Especially if the tattoo artist gives you something that those of real Celtic descent would recognize and appreciate. Many tattoo artists see these Celtic designs as some of the most difficult to replicate. These tattoo sessions can take up to several hours for the simplest of Celtic designs. You may end up paying anywhere from two hundred dollars to thousands of dollars for a Celtic tattoo, depending on the intricacy of it.

It seems that the most popular parts of the body to get a Celtic tattoo are around a bicep of calf muscle. Forearms seem to be a popular place as well. There is a certain sense of appeal and beauty that comes with a Celtic tattoo that no other tattoo can compare to. Many people who work out daily like to put these tattoos on prominent muscles so that they are noticed more directly. Women who choose to get a Celtic tattoo often like those tattoos that extend around their waist. This gives the tattoo a sensual feel to it. Women may also choose to accent any other curves of their bodies with a Celtic design.