Celtic Cross Tattoos

A symbol of Christianity is part of what the Celtic cross is used for.

There are many styles you can have of a Celtic cross tattoo:

Celtic Cross Tattoos can come with a subtle red heart in the middle of the cross. Or add a touch of color and a sparkling diamond to pop out. You can also add a small colorful or black cross in the middle of the cross within the Celtic cross for an added effect. Add a gem look to the middle of your cross for a touch of beauty.

Add flowing angel wings to the sides of your Celtic tattoo in memory of a loved one or just because you like the style.

Wear a Celtic cross tattoo with a banner entwined and sweeping across the cross. Add names to the banner or a short quote.

Feeling a little daring? Try a skull in the middle of your tattoo.

Celtic cross tattoos can be a little different with a grouping of the crosses in a cemetery field. Choose black and white ink for an eerie look and feeling.

In the center of your Celtic cross you can have Jesus hanging onto the cross added to show your spirituality.

For color variation you can have a black and white Celtic cross with only a hint of color in the middle. This will bring out the tattoo and make it have a dimensional effect.

You can have a Celtic cross with a banner that looks almost robe-like hanging over the cross. In the middle you can add mom or dad to the banner.

Roses are added to many tattoos as they are so popular and vibrant. Adding a rose or a few roses to a Celtic cross is also an option to your tattoo art.

Don a Celtic cross with a red, white and blue banner and a solider hat on top of the cross in memory of a loved one.

Celtic crosses are a tattoo one can be proud to wear for many years to come.