Celtic Butterfly Tattoos

Many people associate the butterfly with rebirth and transformation. A person who has gone through a disease and survived, has been abused, and any difficult time would be ideal for a Celtic butterfly tattoo. The person has put the past in the past and decided to look ahead and live a full life. The soul of the person is what some countries or cultures think a butterfly represents. Richly adorn the butterfly into a Celtic butterfly tattoo.

The designs and styles of Celtic butterfly tattoos are monumental. You can choose from the Celtic butterfly with the same designs as the Celtic cross tattoo only in the shape of a butterfly. You can leave it black and your skin color. Or you may add colors to the shapes inside such as lavender, red, orange, green, etc. You can fill up a few of the shapes or the entire Celtic butterfly. The butterfly can be large and oval, more horizontal. You can make it so people recognize it is indeed a butterfly or you can have it shaped more like a symbol where people have to look twice to know it is a Celtic butterfly.

Women can wear a sexy lower back tattoo of a Celtic butterfly with vines and flowers. Gentlemen can have the Celtic Butterfly tattooed on their upper back with the wings spread out to their shoulder blades. Either can don the Celtic butterfly on their wrist, arm, chest or ankle. Some women may want to have a Celtic butterfly on their hip above the bikini line.

A mysterious Celtic butterfly tattoo would be one with multicolor and eyes peeking through. People may feel like you are looking into their deepest darkest thoughts. There is no hiding from you.

Choose a Celtic butterfly tattoo with a cross subtly put in the middle as part of the butterfly’s body.

Your Celtic butterfly could have Jesus in the middle of the butterfly as if Jesus is resurrecting. Add a touch of gold shining through on the top of the tattoo celebrating the glorious event.

The Celtic butterfly tattoo is an excellent choice for many people.