Arm Tattoos

You can wear arm tattoos in a variety of ways. The choice is basically endless.

The first way is to have an animal of some sort on your arm. Maybe the animal is clawing at you. It could be a black panther or cougar with drips of blood from the scratch gently spilling down your arm.

Arm band tattoos are very popular. You can choose from barbed wire bands, to floral bands, to skull bands, to your favorite animal bands, etc.

You may want to be daring and have a snake coiled around your arm and have it go three fourths of the way making it look like it is about to squeeze you. Or have the snake crawling up your arm with venomous teeth showing as if it is ready to take a bite out of you. Feel free to add blood drops if this is artfully drawn in past tense. Or have the snake ready to reach out and attack the person walking by.

Add a heart or two hearts with your name and your spouse or significant other’s name. Be very sure you are going to be together forever when placing a name on your tattoo. Although with the laser removal or cover up your tattoo artist can do it is not as permanent as it used to be.

Wear a ribbon on your arm. You can choose the ribbon of the cause you stand up for. A pink breast cancer ribbon, a yellow ribbon if you have a son or daughter serving for our beloved country, etc.

Hawaiian arm tattoos are extremely beautiful and popular. Another choice for you to consider.

Have the artist draw your favorite pet from a photo and place it on your arm. Your pet will be with you forever in ink, your heart and your memories. A very loving tribute to your beloved pet.

You can wear your arm tattoo up higher on the arm, wrapped around your arm or on your lower arm. There is no rule to say where on your arm a tattoo has to be placed.