Arm Band Tattoos

Choose Your Armband Tattoo

Armband tattoos can be designed in so many ways. You can choose a bright color, multiple colors or a single bold color.

The barbed wire armband tattoo is very popular. It adds so much detail to the tattoo.

A woman can add almost a bracelet looking armband tattoo to her arm. The shape of the tattoo can be very modern looking. Or you may want to use the style of your favorite bracelet and have it inked on your body forever.

One could have hearts tattooed into an armband. Or even upside down hearts or hearts in a row with each heart upright and then the second heart upside down and continually flowing that way.

Butterflies made into a psychedelic colored pattern as an armband is very feminine and a wonderful choice for any woman who loves the look and shape of butterflies. 

Also, the butterfly tattoo stands for rebirth. Wonderful definition. Or a barbed wire armband tattoo with a break every so often with a small butterfly adds a touch of color. Butterflies are free and beautiful. As we age the true unique beauty within ourselves is brought out instead of all of us being alike as a caterpillar.

One may want to show their heritage through an armband tattoo. Southwestern patterns for the Indian heritage. For example, an armband  pattern with a feather hanging. A bull skull can be added to the tattoo, too.

As a musician a unique armband tattoo would be one of multiple notes and rests in black and white. Or a small saxophone multiple times or guitar. A pianist could don black and white keys on an arm band. Every so often add a bright red rose contrasting the black and white piano keys. Whatever instrument you play would be a nice touch.

Dragon tattoos are colorful with fire breathing out of their mouths. The green, orange, reds and yellows are very brilliant and are artfully tasteful.

Roses have been popular for years and years and still are to this day. Add an armband tattoo to show off your femininity. Or a male could ad a few roses to his skull armband tattoo for color and contrast.

Tear drops as an armband is a different way to display your art choice. Some teardrops could be completely colored in while others could have a small amount of liquid at the bottom of the tear.

Lacy armbands are very feminine. As are wispy lines for the woman who wants to wear an armband yet keep her soft and sensual femininity.

Hawaiian tattoos are extremely beautiful. No wonder they are popular.

There are an abundant ways to wear the armband tattoo. Make your personal choice today.